WCS Standard of Dress

Dress and Appearance Code

Whitehall Christian School endorses the principles of modesty, simplicity, and the wise use of economic resources.  In order to best serve these values we have adopted the following dress code:

Uniforms can be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara uniform shop.  The clothing sold at Flynn & O’Hara is very durable and of good quality.  There are order sheets available in your admission packet and at the school for those of you who would like to order online.  There is also the Flynn & O’Hara uniform shop located off of Airport Road in Allentown where you can go to buy directly.

Shop from Flynn & O’Hara

Out of Uniform

  • In unavoidable circumstances a child may attend school out of uniform if accompanied by a written note of explanation to the teacher.  Being out of uniform is permissible 3 days per school year.  Any further violations will make it necessary for the student to be sent home.
  • There are occasional scheduled out of uniform days that are used as fund-raisers.  You will receive periodic notice when one of these days is scheduled.  Please have students refrain from wearing tank tops or sleeveless items, shorts, and frayed or tattered clothing on these days.

Jewelry and Makeup

  • Jewelry, colored nail polish, nail extensions or accessories, and unnatural looking makeup is not to be worn while at school or while participating in school functions by either male or female students.  Hair coloring that is unnatural looking (for example-green, blue, orange) is not permissible.