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WCS Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

At Whitehall Christian School, we view Christian education as an investment in your child’s future. The parents of many of our students, agreeing with our philosophy, have sacrificed financially in order to send their children to our school, and we believe that God will bless and honor their sacrifice.

We at WCS also realize that some families are more able to afford a Christian education than others. We have therefore attempted to keep our tuition low and we try to help families who want their children to have a Christian education but might be struggling financially.

Unfortunately, because of our small size and already low tuition, Whitehall Christian School is unable to offer extensive financial assistance. Having said that, here are some ways we have worked with families to help:

  • Tuition reduction is available for members of the constituent churches that support WCS
  • A limited number of scholarships are available for students whose families are in financial need. A scholarship application form is available by clicking on this link.  Scholarship Application .  Contact the school treasurer for details, requirements, and  questions and to submit an application.
  • Our school participates in the PFE (Partnership for Eternity) program which offers some financial assistance for a limited number of students.  Preference is given to families with the greatest need, and is on a first come, first served basis.  Basic information about the PFE program is available by clicking on the following link.  PFE Program   Contact the school treasurer for details, requirements, questions, and how to apply.
  • Some parents have been able to find sponsors for their child from relatives and/or members of their local church.  It is the parent’s responsibility to find sponsors if they so desire.

Any financial aid is for the duration of the current school year only.  A new financial aid request must be made for each school year if desired.