Whitehall History

History of Our School

The Lehigh Valley Church School began in 1929 on South Sixth Street in Allentown.  There were nine children in attendance that first year.  In 1932 the school relocated to the corner of Oak and Poplar Streets in Allentown and then in 1941 another move brought the school to 16th Avenue and West Broad Street in Bethlehem.

As the school continued to grow, another relocation occurred in 1965, this time to the corner of Jacksonville and Macada Roads in Bethlehem.  With the ongoing success of the school, by 1974 it became apparent that there was a need for a larger building with ample area for a playground and gymnasium.

As a result, land was purchased and the doors of our present school,  Whitehall Christian School, were opened in the fall of 1976.  Currently this school operates grades Pre-K through 8th grade.  Our campus currently has five large classrooms equipped with computers, library, kitchen, spacious gymnasium, and playground.