Meet Our Teachers & Staff

“The children are a blessing to me and to this school.”

Meet Our Teachers & Staff

Our teachers and staff make our school what it is. They are committed, caring individuals who nurture and mentor our students. They model what it means to live life as a servant of Jesus Christ.  They cultivate character inside and outside of the classroom.  We invite you to get to know the teachers and staff who will be caring for your children by reading about them below.


Mrs. Doris Benson

Doris has taught in both private and public school settings in various levels and subjects including Algebra, PE, Biology and self-contained classrooms from 2nd through 10thGrades.  Before moving to Pennsylvania, she completely overhauled and automated a private school library in New Jersey, and hopes someday to fully automate the Library/Media Center at Whitehall Christian School.

“My philosophy on traditional books vs. e-books is that, although both have their places, and students have a lot to gain from both of these reading tools, nothing can replace the tactile experience of handling a traditional book, turning its pages, or sharing it with a friend.”

Pastoral Support

Pastor Carlyle Wildman

Pastor Carlyle Wildman is the district pastor of Allentown, Easton and Hope Fellowship SDA churches.  He has been pastoring for 33 years.   He taught elementary school for 7 years in Grenada and 10 years  in the Bronx, New York as a Science and Math teacher.  Pastor Wildman holds an associate degree in Education from TA Marryshow Community in Grenada.  He also has a bachelors in Theology, a masters in Religion, and another masters in pastoral ministry all from Andrews University.

“ Education should not only be for this life but for eternity. True learning includes preparation to live in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Schwanda Morgan

Mrs. Morgan began her teaching career four years ago at Whitehall Christian Elementary, teaching the PreK- Kindergarten class.  She is currently attending Penn Foster College to obtain her degree in Early Childhood Education. Most importantly she enjoys having her students interact with nature.

“I believe that through the creations of God, children are able to learn to see in nature an expression of the love and the wisdom of God. I am truly passionate about teaching little hearts and minds, with so much love! I also take great pride in sharing the love of Jesus with his greatest treasure...little children!”

Ismari Rodriguez

Home & School Leader

Ismari Rodriguez

Ezra Lovindeer

School Van Driver & Custodian

Ezra Lovindeer

Teacher Assistant in Grades 1-4

Kalyani Prakasam

Pastor of Walnutport SDA Church & Bethlehem SDA Church

Tom Stone

Teacher Assistant

Rochelle Ramey

Daniel as teaching principal and Arlene teacher

Daniel and Arlene Licayan

We welcome Daniel and Arlene Licayan, who are educators joining our team. Daniel will serve as a teaching principal, while Arlene will teach grades 1-4.
They have most recently taught at the Yap Seventh-day Adventist School in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia and have taught at schools in Indonesia, Guam, the Philippines, and Thailand.
“As an Adventist educator, it has been my passion to serve the Lord through the teaching ministry wherever God called me to go. I want to teach young children of different backgrounds and positively influence their lives,” Daniel shares. “My ultimate goal is to meet my students in God’s kingdom with our greatest Master Teacher–Jesus Christ.”