Whitehall Christian School

We are a Christian elementary school located in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.

Our staff are committed to providing quality education in a Christ-filled environment.

Why Choose
Whitehall Christian School?

Spiritual Focus

WCS focuses on preparing students not just for success in this life, but for eternity.  The ultimate goal of each teacher is to see each student in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Why Choose us?

Classes at WCS have a low student-teacher ratio. This allows for more individualized attention and instruction. “The benefits of smaller classes extend beyond test scores and student engagement. In addition to the longer-term positive attributes of small class sizes in the early grades, benefits include continued academic and life success.” 

Tailored Curriculum

At WCS students benefit from a curriculum especially designed for multi-grade classrooms.  High quality, standards-based materials have been developed for all classrooms. The curriculum is designed so that students are constantly connected with Christ and the possibilities  He has for each life.

Multi-grade Classroom

At WCS, multi-grade classes provide many opportunities for students to collaborate and learn from each other. Older students can to on more mature roles, mentoring the younger students.


I love being with my friends, my fun teacher and learning about Jesus!



I enjoyed that the teachers were so close to the students. I also love the education they gave me in these few years. I Love MUSICFEST.


5th grade

I experienced a lot from this school I experienced good friends and good friendship. There were sometimes you could be sad and be happy the next moment that’s how kind people are in the school.


7th grade

Well, I met really amazing friends and I enjoyed the Friday pizza and also enjoyed some activities except for one. I liked the atmosphere of the school; it was really friendly and everyone there is like family. My year was cut short but at least I’ll have a full year in 7th grade. The online school was a challenge, but I think it’s safe to say we don’t have to worry next year.


6th Grade

I think that I was blessed by the teachers this year because they where always so helpful and if I was stuck on something, I didn’t get, I would ask them, and they would help me. Also I also think that I was blessed by the students because they were always so nice and kind and just fun to be around so thank you Whitehall Christian for an amazing year.


6th Grade

One of my positive experiences at WCS was that I had the opportunity to be a Whitehall Christian School Achiever. It made me feel more confident. I enjoyed becoming a better friend to others and I enjoyed growing my friendship with Gregory. I was thankful for Mrs. Gonzalez being an open teacher and a good listener.


5th grade

This year in WCS I enjoyed being taught by Mrs. Gonzalez. She helped me understand things and explained them clearly. I also made friends that became very close to me throughout the school year and I hope we are able to stay close over the summer. I also made good relationships with all the teachers. I also enjoyed getting hugs from both my friends and the teachers. I hope next year will be even better.


7th grade